Building and Grounds



The B&G meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Family Faith Formation Center meeting room.

Our monthly agenda is based on upcoming projects and events sponsored by B&G. It is our responsibility to help maintain the beautiful campus of St. Augustine Church and the Family Faith Formation Center. Over the past several years we have met many challenges keeping up with our aging buildings & grounds and at the same time trying to make improvements to stay competitive with our neighboring parishes and schools. We try to make every effort to do these repairs and improvements in house if possible in order to minimize the expenses.

Our members are hard working and talented in many areas which allow us to tackle various projects. We sponsor the annual golf tournament held at Tamarack Country Club every June in order to raise the necessary funds to help pay expenses. A Barbeque is also held early in May. For more information contact Scott Schaefer at 277-2007.